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Covid Reported Case Protocol – McKinney Lacrosse
Covid Reported Case Protocol

Reported Case Protocol

MLC Reported Case Protocol

If a McKinney player, coach, or family member tests positive for Covid-19, a parent must notify
the head coach and the McKinney board at info@mckinneylacrosse.com immediately. MLC
board members will gather the following information as it pertains to each person’s unique
situation: dates of potential exposure, manner of exposure, person(s) exposed, and relevant
contact information. The MLC Board will provide template notification letters for close contacts
within the McKinney Lacrosse Club.
The following shall apply for the duration of the Spring 2022 MLC season:

● People identified as exposed (close contacts) are those who attended
practice/game/other MLC event with a person who tested positive for COVID-19 while
the case was infectious (the infectious period starts 2 days before symptom onset, or 2
days before the case was tested, if they had no symptoms).

● Close contacts will need to quarantine for either 1) 7 days from the last contact with the
COVID-19 case AND provide proof of a negative COVID test (taken at least 3 days after
exposure) to the board AND remain asymptomatic, or 2) 10 days from the last contact
with the COVID-19 case AND remain asymptomatic. As such, they may not attend
practice/games/other MLC events during this time period.

● Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 may not attend practice/games/other MLC
events until 10 days after symptoms first began or receiving positive test results if
asymptomatic OR after being cleared of COVID-19 by a medical professional.

● If necessary, MLC board may contact head coaches, teammates, or other parents for
information on close contacts.

● Each team is responsible for keeping accurate practice/game/other MLC event
attendance records throughout the season and make such records readily available to
MLC board members in the case of a positive COVID-19 test result.

● In general, practices/games/other MLC events will not be canceled for a positive COVID-
19 test unless the majority of the team is considered either 1) a close contact in
quarantine or 2) a positive COVID-19 case. In this case, practices and games will be
postponed for 14 days to ensure there are no additional cases.

● Remote practices and conditioning will proceed at the discretion of the head coach. This
will be in the form of independent condition sessions, video sessions via social media,
and other various forms of workouts determined by the head coach.

● Please note refunds/credits will not be issued for the Spring 2022 season.

For more information regarding COVID-19, go to
Public Health Guidance for School Year 2020 -2021 (texas.gov)