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Board and Coach Information – McKinney Lacrosse
The Team/Mission

Mission & Culture

The McKinney Lacrosse Club is a non-profit organization formed to develop the lacrosse skills and talent of the players who participate on its teams, educating them about the sport and competition and developing their love of the game. We seek to provide a positive and enriching lacrosse experience for all players, with appropriate opportunity for growth and competition. We strongly believe that the following are an integral part of any player’s lacrosse experience:

  • Character, Integrity and Sportsmanship
  • Skill Development and Competition
  • Teamwork
  • Respect for the game and teammates
  • Memorable family experiences
  • Fun

Leadership Board

Owen Lancaster
Board Member/ Vice President
Melissa Cobb
Board Member/ Registrar
Jeremy Schultz
Board Member / President
Karin Sanchez
Board Member/Social Media
Frederick Nickens
Board Member/Player Recruitment
Kelly Majdan
Board Member/Sponsorships
Kellie Chandler
Board Member/Treasurer
Dave Perry
Board Member/ LaxBacker Chair
Frank Pena
Board Member/ Secretary

Our Coaching Staff

Spencer Parks – Head Coach

Kenny Callis – Assistant Coach

Armagan Cakir – Assistant Coach

Will Connery – Assistant Coach

Lisa Perry – Team Manager

Paige Meeking -Head Coach

Kara Horn – Assistant Coach

Emily Davidson – Assistant Coach

Connie Pena- Team Manager
Brandy Stephens – Team Manager

Jason Willoughby – Head Coach / Director
Pete Sharpe- Assistant Coach
Will Cobb- Assistant Coach
Brianne Sanchez – Team Manager

Julie Kavanagh – Coach

Kara Hickey – Coach

Kara Horn- Coach

Kellie Chandler- Team Manager

Will Connery – Head Coach

Rich Davidson- Assistant Coach

Zach Smith- Assistant Coach

Haven Balfe – Team Manager

Gabi Lancaster – Coach
Kara Horn – Coach
Kalani Willoughby – Team Manager

Jason Van Deusen- Coach

Steve Paley – Coach

Jon Garza- Coach

Deena Paley – Team Manager

Cason Etheredge – Coach

Kayla Etheredge- Coach

Erin Kellogg- Coach

Kara Horn-Coach

Micah Sanchez- Coach

Brianne Sanchez- Team Manager

Aaron Vasquez – Coach

Nick Ortega- Coach

Russ Riding- Coach

Melissa Ortega – Team Manager

Cason Etheredge – Coach

Kayla Etheredge- Coach

Erin Kellogg- Coach

Kara Horn- Coach

Micah Sanchez- Coach

Jill Kellogg – Team Manager