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LAXBACKERS – McKinney Lacrosse



LaxBackers is the new name of our McKinney Lacrosse Club Booster Club Organization. We’ve always had a booster club but never really had a steering committee. This is the inaugural year for LaxBackers, and we will continue to evolve to fit the club’s needs. LaxBackers is made up of alumni, parents and friends of McKinney Lacrosse. We are focused on enhancing the experience
of the student-athletes and fostering a rich alumni network through the coordination of group events and fundraising activities.

1) The booster club will assist in supporting McKinney Lacrosse (all ages, all genders) with funding the “extras” that the current operating budget doesn’t cover. Our lacrosse club board members do so much, and the booster club is an additional arm to take care of things outside of operations.
2) The goal, depending on donations & specific needs, is:
a. 15% Club equipment (cages, balls, nets, etc.)
b. 5% Spirit Wear investment (with 40% GMROI goal)
c. 25% High School team building events
d. 20% earmarked for club projects that benefit all ages (wall ball court, community signs, etc.)
e. 10% Flex spending for high school girls’ coaches’ needs
f. 10% Flex spending for high school boys’ coaches’ needs
g. 15% Savings for future seasons
3) The booster club will also provide leadership, mentoring, networking and business engagement by including leadership events and connecting our teams with community leaders.
4) If you look at how most of MISD’s activities (fine arts, athletics, etc.) are organized, they have the main operating budget funded by the district, but any extras are funded by their booster club through fundraising efforts.

All teams will have representation via their liaison &/or team representative

Board Director (also on the Board of Directors for the Club): David Perry
-reports all action to the BOD at their monthly meeting

Fundraising Chairman: Marty Johnson
-overseas operations and works with committee to maximize fundraising opportunities
Treasurer/Administrator: Bobbi Johnson
-manages ledger for LaxBackers and works with BOD to report and manage entries
Events Coordinator/Social Media: Lisa Perry
-develops and facilitates all LaxBacker events (tailgates, themed nights, etc.)
Men’s Liaison: Jake Hensley
-works with the men’s high school head coach & presents needs to the committee
Women’s Liaison: Becky Hensley
-works with the women’s high school head coach & presents needs to the committee
Community Outreach: Owen Lancaster
-develops engagements with community


  • Angela Starling (Men’s Coordinator)
  • Rebecca Knapp (Women’s Coordinator)
  • Melissa Ortega (Youth Coordinator)
  • Brian Starling (Men’s Tailgate Lead)
  • Cotton Graham (Women’s Tailgate Lead)
  • Connie Pena (HS Women’s Liaison)
  • Jeremy Schultz (Youth Girls’ Liaison)
  • Nora McMahon (7/8 Girls’ Team Representative)
  • open (5/6 Girls’ Team Representative)
  • open (3/4 Girls’ Team Representative)
  • open (K/2 Girls’ Team Representative)
  • Kurt & Kerry Roy (HS Men’s Liaison)
  • Clint Chandler (Youth Boys’ Liaison)
  • Jason Willoughby (7/8 Boys’ Team Representative)
  • Reggie Jeffery (5/6 Boys’ Team Representative)
  • open (3/4 Boys’ Team Representative)
  • open (K/2 Boys’ Team Representative)
  • Will Cobb (Business Development Liaison)
  • Jim Kehoe (Alumni Liaison)