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McKinney Lacrosse Club Parent Code of Conduct

As the parent or guardian of a player on the McKinney Lacrosse Club team I shall be subject to the following Code of Conduct while participating in any McKinney Lacrosse Club functions. Should I choose to break these rules, I understand that I will be subject to disciplinary measures, which could include prohibition from attending MLC practices, games and/or tournaments, and removal from any facility where McKinney Lacrosse Club is playing. I agree to the following:

  1. I will accept the responsibility of designated coaches or assistant coaches to assigned positions and allocated playing time.
  2. I will not approach a coach or assistant coach before or after a game, unless specifically asked by the coach. I will wait 24 hours after a game to contact a coach with any issues that I wish to address.
  3. I will address concerns or complaints about the team or my child directlv through the coach or other member of the Club’s administrative board.
  4. I will refrain from anthing but cheering and encouragement from the stands. There will be no shouted comments about the opposing team or its players, their parents, coaches or the officials.

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MLC Parent Code of Conduct