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Player Code of Conduct for McKinney Lacrosse Club Student Athletes

McKinney Lacrosse Club (MLC) student athletes are held to a high standard of conduct. They represent not only the MLC and their team, but also the School they attend. The officers and coaches of the MLC believe that the lacrosse student athlete should be held to a high standard of conduct, and therefore, the following guidelines are in effect.

Any player who violates the MLC student code of conduct shall be subject to team discipline. Violations include any misconduct, regardless of time or location, which would reflect negatively upon McKinney Lacrosse. Players clearly involved in major disciplinary infractions (i.e. including, but not limited to, drugs, alcohol, and violent behavior) will be placed on probation, removed temporarily, or removed permanently from the lacrosse team. Disciplinary action may affect the player’s eligibility for the team in future seasons. The MLC will follow the MISD Co-Curricular/Extra Curricular Code of Conduct for drug/alcohol infractions.

Disciplinary measures taken by the head coach or the Club may be in one or more of three forms, defined as special assignments, probation, and dismissal.

Special assignments may consist of extra duties and may be assigned for minor disciplinary infractions.

Probation and/or dismissal from the team will be for infractions involving alcohol, smoking, drugs, use of profanity, violence, and other serious offenses when the head coach or Club believes the integrity and credibility of the organization has been jeopardized by the player’s actions. Probation may also be assigned when the player fails to comply with the rules and regulations of the team. (Probation is defined as: A trial period in which a player is permitted to redeem bad conduct.)

The student may be dismissed from the team upon any major infraction, or during a probationary period. A player/parent may appeal a dismissal decision with the officers of the MLC. There will be no refund of registration fees to individuals dismissed from the team for disciplinary reasons. The player will not be eligible for any individual or team recognition or awards that occur after the date of dismissal.

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MLC Player Code of Conduct