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Playing, competing and coaching for the McKinney Lacrosse Club is a privilege. As a youth athlete and member of McKinney lacrosse you have a responsibility to portray your team, your club, your family and yourselves in a positive manner at all times. This will sometimes mean doing things that are an inconvenience to you, but benefit your team, your club, and yourself.

Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and other sites have increased in popularity and are used by the majority of the athlete population in one way or another.

McKinney Lacrosse athletes should be aware that third parties ((other lacrosse clubs, players, coaches (High School and College), officials)) can easily access profiles as well as other information (personal or otherwise). This includes pictures, videos, comments, and posts. This material found by a third party not only affects the perception of the youth-student athlete, but also includes the athletic club. This can be detrimental to the] athlete’s image, but his/her club as well.

Examples of inappropriate and offensive behavior concerning participation in online communities may include:

  • Content online that is unsportsmanlike, derogatory, demeaning, or threatening toward any other individual or entity (Examples: Derogatory comments regarding another club, taunting comments aimed at other athletes, coach, or team at another institution and derogatory comments against race and/or gender). Inappropriate behavior also includes excessive profanity (the level of excessive profanity is to be determined by the club’s board).
  • No posts should depict or encourage unacceptable violent or illegal activities (Examples: Hazing, harassment, assault, discrimination, fighting, dishonesty [academic or otherwise]).
  • Content online that would constitute a violation of the McKinney Lacrosse’s social media policy and guidelines such as commenting publicly about youth athletes, belonging to the home club or otherwise, information that is sensitive or personal in nature (which is not public information), youth athlete injuries, comments about a specific club, coach, player, or parents are unacceptable.
  • McKinney Lacrosse is not a forum to take a designated stance politically_ and/or to encourage followers to sway one-way or another, and may be best to refrain from any political commentary or dialogue

If a youth athlete, coach or member of McKinney lacrosses profile(s) and contents are found to be inappropriate in accordance with the above behaviors, he/she is subject to the following penalties:

  • Written warning from the club.
  • Meeting with (whomever would be in charge), coach, player, and family.
  • Penalties are to be determined by the athletic club and include, but not limited to a possible suspension/expulsion from his/her team.

Please use caution and common sense in regards to your choices on social media. If you ever question what is appropriate online material, consider whether it upholds and positively reflects your values and ethics as well as the McKinney Lacrosse. Remember to always present a positive image and not to do anything that may embarrass yourself, your family, your team, or the McKinney Lacrosse. Any action or comment that may turn any group or individual “away” from McKinney lacrosse may be deemed inappropriate.