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Welcome to the Fall 2023 season!
The registration links are open and can be found at the bottom of this page, but please read through the following important information.

Fall practices will begin the week of September 5th. Practice schedules will be posted and emailed in the newsletter once they are finalized.

A valid USA Lacrosse membership is required for every player. If your player has a USA Lacrosse membership, please confirm that it is valid through at least 12/31/23 before registering for the Fall. If you are registering for the full year, their USA Lacrosse membership must be valid through 5/31/24. TeamSnap will validate the membership during registration and will not allow you to register if the membership is not valid until at least this date. If your player does not have a USA Lacrosse membership, one can be purchased at you have your player’s membership number and expiration date, keep them handy because you will need them during registration and for signing tournament waivers throughout the season.


As of 1/1/22, all boys are required to have shoulder pads that meet the new NOCSAE standard ND200 to prevent commotio cordis. More information can be found at If your player’s shoulder pads have the following symbol stamped on the tag or directly on the shoulder pads, they are legal and can be used. If they do not have this symbol, they are not legal and cannot be used.

Please verify that your son has the correct shoulder pads prior to the first practice.


GIRLS: All girls are required to have a girls lacrosse stick, girls lacrosse goggles or Cascade LX helmet, and a colored mouthguard (not clear or white). Cleats are recommended.

BOYS: All boys are required to have a boys lacrosse stick, helmet, shoulder pads that meet the NOCSAE standard ND200, elbow pads, gloves, protective cup, and a colored mouthguard (not clear or white). Cleats are recommended.



  • K/2 – $190
  • 3/4 – $190
  • 5/6 – $295
  • 7/8 – $295
  • High School – $550

UNIFORMS: The only uniform requirement for all Youth and High School players for the Fall is a McKinney Lacrosse practice pinnie. These can be purchased at TeamLax in Frisco. New players – once you have confirmed your jersey number with the Registrar, you can order your player’s pinnie over the phone or in person with TeamLax.


  • K/2 – $415
  • 3/4 – $440
  • 5/6 – $745
  • 7/8 – $770
  • High School – $1,550 (does not include uniform package)

UNIFORMS FOR YOUTH AND HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS: TeamLax will set up an online store for us in the Spring where you will purchase your uniform through them. This gives you the option to have your player try on the sample sizes in the store before making your purchase.

HIGH SCHOOL BOYS: All Freshmen and new players are required to purchase a uniform package, shooter shirt, and helmet during registration. (You will be required to purchase these items in the Spring if you register for Fall only). If your returning High School player has outgrown or lost their uniform, you will have the option to purchase a new uniform during registration.

  • Uniform Package $220
  • Varsity Helmet $296
  • Shooter Shirt $35

These costs will be included in your payment plan.

There is no fee associated with selecting a payment plan. The processing fee charged is the percentage-based credit card processing fee charged by TeamSnap. This fee is charged when you pay by credit card, regardless of whether you pay in-full or choose a payment plan. To avoid this fee, you can pay by ACH transfer, however, if you choose to pay by ACH transfer, you cannot select a payment plan and your only option will be to pay in full at the time of registration.

Registration Questions? Please email [email protected].